N2U Healthy Hair Care specializes in Design Essential products to suit your individual needs. A wide array of products ranging from relaxers, shampoos, conditioners, color, finishing, natural styling- you name it!

These products are available for retail to help you maintain your beautiful healthy hair after your salon visit. We take pride in educating you on the use of these products for your daily maintenance at home.
Service Price Menu
  1. Shampoo/Style
  2. Shampoo/Roller Set
    $95 and up
  3. Flexi Rod
    $95 and up
  4. Twist Set
  5. Protective Style
    $110 and up
  1. Virgin Relaxer
    $160 and up
  2. Relaxer Touch Up
  3. Partial Relaxer
  4. DE STS
    $275 and up
Natural Styling
  1. Silk Press
    $110 and up
  2. Protective Styling
    $125 and up
  1. Single Permanent Process
    $145 and up
  2. Double Permanent/ Demi
    $190 and up
  3. Foil Hi-Lites
    $125 and up
  4. Demi-Permanent
    $115 and up
  5. Semi- Permanent
    $105 and up
Hair Cuts
  1. Trim
    $100 and up
  2. Shear Designing
    $130 and up
  1. Price determined during consultation

* Consultation  required in advance of scheduling an appointment for Colour and Extensions Services.

* Services include shampoo, deep conditioning treatments, blow-dry/mold, and styling